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Since bkstyled.com’s early beginnings, I have been asked the following question hundreds of times–by designers, by stylists, by industry professionals, by shop owners, by advertisers, by friends, and even by our dear contributors:

Is bkstyled a blog or a magazine?

I started bkstyled because I believe in Brooklyn. I believe in great style and quality design and I don’t feel like anyone else is accurately representing Brooklyn for all of its parts. Brooklyn is an incredibly diverse and dynamic city. You can’t walk down any of its streets without feeling drastic changes from block to block. Neighborhoods are changing daily, newcomers are arriving by the hour, and designers are taking up residence in neighborhoods most Manhattanites have never even heard of. It is my goal that bkstyled.com will do the legwork for you so that you too can appreciate and understand the beautiful city you live in and learn about what’s going on in this history-making time.

Did I answer your question? No? OK, let me try again.

Bkstyled is neither a blog nor a magazine, though we do have a blog with daily content and we have structured ourselves in a way not so different from a professional magazine. My background is in the world of magazines and I don’t really know how else to manage bkstyled other than professionally and with high expectations. I expect a lot from bkstyled.com and our team and I hope that you will expect a lot from me as well. Please don’t hesitate to call me out if ever you should catch me being lazy or falling into a rut. Sometimes editors need to be reminded that their readers are paying attention and a little push never hurts.

So if bkstyled isn’t a blog or a magazine, then what is it?

Let’s call it a curated collection of both professional and DIY style organized by a group of thoughtful Brooklyn residents to celebrate Brooklyn’s aesthetic in a holistic and representative way.






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