go-comb Giveaway

Our friends at go-comb have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their next generation of new-and-improved go-combs. Many of you may have received one at a bkstyled workshop last year, and there will be more at our summer and fall workshops as well! This week we are very excited to give away one of their new designs, the mirrored go-comb (two handy beauty products in one!). All you have to do is watch their charming Kickstarter video below and show us some social media love using the contest box at the bottom of this blog post. The more love you show, the more entries you get! We will announce the winner next week, on July 29th, 2014 at noon.

Regardless of whether you win, we hope you’ll still consider supporting the go-comb campaign. Heather has set up some great gifts for all of her backers, including a limited edition collaboration with Brooklyn artist Julia Rothman, accessible only through the campaign. Pledge $16 or more and get a customized go-comb(s) with your name and/or logo so there’s never any confusion about who your beautiful new comb belongs to. Best of luck and thanks for reading!

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LAB by Laura Busony

You may have seen Aileen Olmedo sporting some lovely LAB by Laura Busony pieces on The Style Boro back in May. We loved the look so much we asked her to sit down with Laura Busony to talk about the inspiration for her designs and also give us a hint at what’s to come.
Aileen Olmedo: When did you decide to create Lab by Laura Busony?

Laura Busony: LAB has been an actual brand for almost two years now but there wasn’t really a moment that I decided to create it. I started playing with jewelry as an on and off hobby when I first moved to Brooklyn in 2011, but I didn’t have an objective. My background is installation art and sculpture, so a lot of those techniques and concepts were brought into the jewelry. As time went by, a series of opportunities presented themselves and I snatched them up. Before I knew what was happening, I had a studio, a staff, and a business. That’s not to say there wasn’t a hell of a lot of work behind baby (and present-day) LAB. Because it was never intended to be a business, I basically used trial and error every step of the way to see what worked and what didn’t. And a lot didn’t.

AO: Why did you set up shop in Brooklyn, as opposed to all the other boroughs?

LB: I was already living in Brooklyn and I loved it–it seemed like the perfect place to stay. When you’re a jeweler in the city, there are many trips back and forth to the diamond district, which admittedly can be a long trip if you’re coming in from Williamsburg, but moving wasn’t really an option that I was interested in. The first LAB studio was the teeny closet-like second bedroom in my apartment. Depending on what we had going on at the time, there could be up to five girls in there, working away, literally elbow to elbow, with two fat cats underfoot. When the time came to look for a new studio, I knew I wanted to stay in Brooklyn. We found an amazing spot in Greenpoint’s Morgan Fine Arts Building and it’s been our home ever since. The only train nearby is the G (and it’s 12 blocks away), so now it takes even more time to run errands into the city, but I could never think of leaving. It’s a great space and a great neighborhood.

AO: Each of your pieces look like mini metal sculptures. Which to date has been your most prized wearable design?

LB: I try to make the majority of my pieces wearable sculpture. Some designs work out a bit better than others, of course, which is something that I’ve learned with each new collection. There are some pieces that are made for people who are way more interested in design than wearability–they don’t care how heavy or complicated or constricting something is–those pieces are really fun to make. The Golden Dawns seem to have definitely taken over as LAB’s most signature piece. It’s a heavy talisman-like piece with a powerful image plus a variation of different crystals–I literally can’t make enough of them!

AO: Twice a year you and your team showcase a new collection. Any hints about what we can expect in the next one?

LB: The way I usually design for LAB is to pick a vein or theme of something I want to explore months and months ahead of time, before I can even imagine what the collection might actually look like. Then I’ll take that theme and fully research it–read, watch as many movies as I can sit through, listen to music, anything and everything. Then we try to take that theme and create a world of our theme. We start thinking about the mood, the vibe, color stories, the way the lookbook should feel, how it should be photographed, etc. After that, I’ll begin to seek out other artists to collaborate with us and further realize the theme. We’ve worked with graffiti artists, filmmakers, musicians, illustrators, photographers–anyone who can lend their own particular eye to help flesh out the vision. Then, at the end, when all is said and done, I start designing the pieces. It’s a long process, but because I’m not really a jeweler and not always interested in jewelry or fashion, it helps me to create an all-encompassing art project where the jewelry is the tangible outcome of everything else. For SS15, our theme is hallucinations, which is something that my team and I have been anxious to work on for a long, long time. It’s focusing on drug induced and natural hallucinations, along with famous hallucinations in film, TV, and literature. I’m beginning to solidify things now, and design actual jewelry. I’m more excited about this collection than any I’ve worked on so far!

AO: Let us in on the secrets, any favorite spots in Brooklyn?

LB: So many! You can often find me at Trophy Bar on weeknights in Williamsburg. They have a drink there called the Best in Show that I get single every time–gin, Prossecco, and lime perfection, I love it. Le Barricou on Grand St was the first restaurant I had dinner at when I first moved to Williamsburg, and it’s still my favorite in the neighborhood. Great French food and amazing brunch. Santos Anne on Union is a great spot with live music, amazing margaritas, a beautiful patio, and free Tarot readings. West Cafe on Union is definitely my spot for coffee, and Campbell’s Cheese and Grocery on Lorimer has the best sandwiches. On Sundays I like to pretend I’m fancy and head there to grab some cheeses and a huge French baguette for a dollar.

AO: Any last words for the readers at bkstyled.com?

LB: Try many different jobs, acquire a lot of random skills, and stay curious and you could accidentally make a career for yourself.

Aileen Olmedo is the blogger behind The Style Boro and social media guru for top fashion brands. She’s a New York native who’s always on the hunt for local treasures and treats the WWD as her guidebook. She believes fashion should be accessible, inspiring, and above all fun.

Photo of Aileen Olmedo: Lydia Hudgens
Photo of  Laura Busony: Driely S. for Racked.com.

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