Tracy Watts Studio Tour

These rainy days always make me see the hat-shaped hole in my life. Luckily Brooklyn-based Tracy Watts is making hats that suit not just the weather, but also my style. I got an inside peek into her studio, housed in a historic factory building near the Gowanus Canal, and was able to see her tools, her materials, her design inspiration, and, of course, hats galore.

Tracy Watts has been in the hat business since 1993 and has kept her standards for design and materials high. The stitching is impeccable and you feel the quality once you have one in your hands. All hats are made by hand using antique machines and artificer methods and Tracy puts the finishing touches on each and every hat. Utilizing both traditional cut and sew and hand blocking methods, these hats are meant to last a very long time. You can read more about Tracy’s hat making methods on her website here.

Many pieces from Tracy’s new line are named for Brooklyn beaches, including a Howard Beach Cotton Canvas B Cap, a Seagate Glazed Japanese Toyo Straw Hat, and a Rockaway Foldable Fedora. My personal favorites from the new collection are the Slick Rain Hat and the Fawcett Cotton Canvas Baseball Cap, pictured below (photos courtesy Tracy Watts).

Next door to her studio is a showroom that is open to the public, a perk for locals who want to try on a few before making a purchase. There you will also see pieces from past collections and see a sort-of timeline of her work as a milliner.

You can pick up a Tracy Watts hat of your own at her studio, through her website, or at Kempton & Co. in Red Hook. Thank you Tracy for letting us have a peek inside your studio!

Photography: Rima Brindamour

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Rima’s April Wishlist

Spring is taking its good ol’ time this year and I’ve found myself still wearing black clothes and ankle boots well into April. Rather than make an in-denial wish list, I opted for a more practical one with hints of spring colors thrown in to help keep my chin up on these tough, gloomy, windy days. It may still be gray outside, but that’s not going to stop me from throwing on a color or two. I’m really into pale pinks and blues at the moment, how about you?
1. Mary Meyer // Zero Dress // $94
2. Line & Label // Gold & Moonstone Post Earrings // $42
3. W&P Designs // Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails // $25
4. MCMC // DUDE No. 1 All-Natural Cologne // $75
5. Samantha Pleet // Arc Casual Boot // $280

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